Offers for Christmas Hamper Stock

The list of items needed for the hamper is shown below. The items should be from Marks and Spencer range.
Please select item you are prepared to supply.
If you wish to donate more than one item please run the form again
(Hand-over of Perishables to be made closer to 20th December Draw date)

Any item already offered is marked TAKEN and button disabled.

*We have reports of a few offers mistakenly rejected supposedly due to bad email address.
Until this is resolved, if this happens please email the Secretary indicating your offered item*

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Small_Xmas_Cake TAKEN Christmas_Pudding TAKEN Port TAKEN White_Wine
Champagne Cocktail_Mix TAKEN Juice Coffee TAKEN
Tea TAKEN Mulled_Wine TAKEN Mints TAKEN Chocolates TAKEN
Pate Smoked_Salmon Dips_Chutney_etc Brandy_Butter
Cranberry_Sauce TAKEN Cheese Crackers TAKEN Biscuits TAKEN
Shortbread TAKEN Pasta_Sauce TAKEN Cold_Cuts Tins_Soup_etc
Nuts_Crisps_etc TAKEN Red_Wine TAKEN